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Welcome to Everything Family!

We are here to offer you the resources you need to help your family members thrive, and we might even help you to survive it all with a smile on your face.

I'm Kas Winters, author of books that help parents raise happy and successful children and have fun in the process. My books focus on practical, simple, and inexpensive family activities that don't take a lot of parents' time and yet effectively give children the attention, education, motivation and especially love, that they need. As an entrepreneurial mother since 1974, I've had to come up with solutions and I share my experiences in articles throughout the website and in the books and e-books I create.

We are a family business and are here to help you and your family be the best you can be. Photos throughout the site are of our family actually doing the things we suggest. We don't make this stuff up! It's all for real and it works for us. Our hope is that some of our ideas will also work for you and yours. The RESOURCES on this site include:

Family Books are available for every member of the family, with a special selection of parenting and children's books. In addition to my family books, we represent more than sixty self-published, exceptional authors from all over the US and Canada. Many are grandparents and some are child authors!

Family Articles include a wide selection of ideas for activities, celebrations, holidays and every day fun. Many of our authors are experts in their fields and they have contributed articles for the website. You will find many answers in the pages of this site. There are sections relating to gardening, hobbies and crafts, cooking and other areas that relate to family activities.

Educational Resources are ideas that make learning fun. Our theory is that when children think they are having fun they are actually learning more than when they think they are "supposed" to be learning. Check out some of these activities that can contribute to life-long enjoyment in many fields and perhaps even eventual career choices for children as they grow.

Family Member Directories help you find what you are looking for with ease. The directory page will lead you to books, articles and gift items for babies and toddlers, children, 'tweens and teens, men, women and seniors too. There are also special interest pages that can be quickly located through these directories.

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Children's Directory

'Tweens and Teens Directory

Women's Directory

Men's Directory

 Senior/Grandparent Directory



Kas Winters is the National Family Activities Expert for   

She has worked with them for many years and her articles appear on their site.




Join Kas Winters, The Mother of Family Ideas, for her "SNEAKY MOM RADIO SHOW" with Word of Mom Radio Host, Dori DeCarlo, on the First Wednesday of each month at 1:00 p.m. EST, as they discuss ideas for moms who are raising toddlers through teens.


@KasWinters    on    #WordofMomRadio




Welcome to Everything Family 


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