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Books for Families

FAMILY ACTIVITIES Activity Books for Families

Create memories with family activities • Promote healthy self-esteem with positive affirmations for children • Build skills and good feelings for kids of all ages. Page  6

Arts, Music, and Drama

Discover books related to art and design, music, needle arts and a guide to performing and clowning. Page 8

Craft Books

Let creativity loose and try some crafts • Enjoy scrap crafts  • Create holiday and seasonal crafts • Enjoy using your imagination Page 10

Puppetry Books

Make puppets books with  full-sized patterns and directions that also allow for creativity.  Use simple, inexpensive, and readily available materials.     Page 16



Learn basic cooking, prepare first class meals, or discover sweet desserts. Page 20


Celebrate any special occasion with an afternoon teajust for the fun of it! These books will give you all the information you need for a lovely event. Page 22

Holiday, Seasonal, and Celebration Books

Have fun all year long by celebrating holidays, seasons, and events with family activities, games, crafts, and other special celebration ideas. Page 24


 Parenting Books

Keep kids busy and learning • Help students succeed • Learn how to clown • Find methods for potty training • Handle sibling rivalry • Help children cope with loss • Help children overcome fears. Page 26

 Books for Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, Childcare Providers, Youth Leaders, Family Counselors, and Others Who Interact with Children

Instruct and learn with a variety of books • Get ideas for simple projects or ways to teach skills to children • Make learning enjoyable for kids who learn well when they think they are simply having fun. Page 30

 Baby Books for Parents and Little Ones

Choose colorful books for babies and toddlers to develop a love of reading and learning. Find books to help parents too. Page 32

 Beginning Reader Stories

Help children learn and laugh with stories from books. Read together. Page 36

 Humor for Children

Books that make us laugh often also help us remember the things they teach us. Choose a to make children giggle and have a few chuckles yourself. Page 40

  Children’s Stories for Elementary School Readers

Look through our selection of children’s stories to find a book or two to delight a child in your life. We have books for readers with a variety of interests and levels of reading comprehension. Many of them teach lessons. Read stories at bedtime. Page 42

Children’s Personalized Gifts and T-Shirts

Find a variety of children’s personalized items, including T-shirts with characters from some of our children’s books, a personal photo or name, and other designs. Page 62

Children’s Stories from Various Cultures

Broaden a child’s horizons with stories about children who live in places the  child has not visited, or who celebrate in different ways. Open the door for accepting others as they are. Page 64 

Child’s Yoga Instructional Materials

Books, workbooks, DVD, and other materials for families and classes Page 68

Books Written by Children and Teens

Children and teens can write and publish. Here are some books by kids! Page 69

Stories and Books for Middle Readers     

Teach appreciation for nature and the environment • Enjoy stories written by children • Show tolerance • Discover different cultures • Solve mysteries • Learn math in story form • Share stories with messages • Find Fairy Tales for today's kids.     Page 70

Teen Books  

Science Fiction Relationships Self Exploration Humor Dating Learning  Activities Poetry Mysteries Romance Fiction and more Page 84


Larry the Lawnmower,

The Bay Gull,

Dena's Diary,

and Joshua and the Big Red Ball–
All children's books, are NO LONGER AVAILABLE.



Click on cover to view catalog. The catalog is in FLIPBOOK format. Click on the corner of a page to turn to the next page.


 Counseling and  Self-Help Books

(For parents, grandparents, counselors, teachers, ministers, childcare providers, youth leaders, and others who interact with children and families)

Get information and help for situations including Abuse, Dating, Bullying, Unexpected Pregnancy, and other Family Issues. Find stories that teach helpful lessons to children and teens. Page 100

Grief: Help and Hope

These books are not about topics we enjoy. They are, however, extremely helpful when families are dealing with matters of death and dying or want to prepare in advance to make the situation easier for their children and families. Page 102

Stories to Teach Life Lessons

Books with stories help children understand lessons about themselves and others, and present possibilities for overcoming challenges. Page 103

 Health & Safety Books

Use a family health journal • Get information on genetic disorders & disabilities • Find out about weight reduction & longevity    Learn ways to improve health and safety for your family.         Page 108

Family Finances

Discover books with information about handling financial matters Page 118


 Women’s Books

We carry so many different books for women, your choices are wide and varied. There are wonderful possibilities in every genre.   Page  119

 Men's Books 

Learn something new or just read a good story. Page 156

Senior’s Books

Find out how to publish your story, learn something new, cook, travel or just read for the fun of it.  Page 176

 Grandparent Books

Enjoy these stories and activities with grandchildren. Page 204

Books by Kas Winters




Mother Lode


Nativity Activities


Fall Fun for Families


A Teacher's Guide to Autumn Activities


Fall and Halloween Activity Book for Families


How to talk to your kid


Great Things I'm Going to Do and Terrific Stuff I've Already Done!


Get That Book out of Your Head and into Print


Your Wedding Your Way


Winter Fun for Families



Illustrated by Kas Winters


The Little Book of Knots (Illustrator)


Tryin' Ryan (Illustrator)


Erika's Angels



  All Twelve of Them (Illustrator)


  Missing Genetic Pieces (Illustrator)


Needleweaving (Illustrator)


  Gertie's Christmas Magic (Illustrator)


The Teddy Bear Lady and the Five Christmas Teddy Bears (Illustrator)


Cinnamon the Sea Horse (Illustrator)



Click on cover to view catalog. The catalog is in FLIPBOOK format. Click on the corner of a page to turn to the next page.

Books and Gifts  by Genre or Interest

Animal Books and Gifts

 Animal Books

Discover animals • Read a story with a child • Find animal books for all ages.

Animal  Books for Young Children Page 210

Animal Books for Elementary School Children Page 211

Animal Books for Middle Readers Page 214

Animal Books for Middle Readers, Teens, and Adults Page 216

 Animal Greeting Cards

Our animal greetings boast gorgeous photography and illustrations of a professional photojournalist and a visionary artist, each of whom has been well-recognized for their skills and talent.  Page 218

Animal Puppet Pattern Books

Get families involved in simple puppet making! These books have easy-to-use patterns that are open to each person’s creative ideas. Page 220

Teddy Bear Gifts

Special cards, gifts, and shirts for teddy bear lovers Page 222

Arizona Books and Cards

Experience Arizona through a variety of books for children and adults. Page 224

Decorator Books

Get ideas for home drapery decor, or liturgical decoration. Page 226

 How-To Books

Learn to tie knots, play with children, or make something for your home. Page 228

Humorous Books

Laugh 'til you cry and enjoy every moment of it. Page 236

Journals & Memoirs

Learn to record memories, family stories and information for loved ones. Page 238


Play sleuth at any age with mysteries • These are hard books to put down. Page 238

Nature and Environmental Books

Learn to care for planet earth • Teach children to love and enjoy nature. Page 242

Poetry for All Ages

Discover poetry to fill you with smiles or hope, touch you with tenderness, expand    your awareness, and make you want to read the verses all over again. Page 250

   Romance Novels & Gifts

Enjoy a love story, including some very funny ones. Page 254

Science Books

Learn about science and more. Page 258

Science Fiction Books

Settle down with a great sci-fi story. Page 260

 Travel Books

Choose places to visit, and places to dine. Page 262

 Publishing Books

Get information on self-publishing, journaling, and memoir writing. Page 266

Religious and Spiritual Books and Gifts

Find Christian, Jewish, and other spiritual books and Gifts . Page 267

 Wedding Books

Discover everything you need to know about wedding planning. There are also books available which are appropriate for wedding or bridal shower gifts. Page 314


  Cards by Photographers Page 279

Specialty Coin Cards and coin gifts Page 290

Cards, Postcards, Art Prints and Posters by Illustrators Page 292

Toys and Puppets  

 Toys and puppets are for fun, and can even help teach lessons to children  Page 302

Gifts and Patterns  

Each item is created by an individual crafter.

Hand-sewn Items   Page 304

Hand-crocheted Items Page 309

Machine-Embroidered Items Page 318

Personalized Gifts

For all ages and interests Personalize with name and/or photo. Page 320

T-Shirts Tote Bags Name Signs Teddy Bears Beanie Bears and More

Patterns for Family Crafts and Activities

For those who enjoy do-it-yourself projects, choose a pattern to help you along. Page 310

 Family Goodies

 These are helpful printed pieces for families, like chore charts, reading lists, etc. Page 325

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